Friday, August 3, 2012

TV and the Internet TV

The broadcast TV is now enhanced with the help of video recorders, satellite and also cable which gives way to enjoying further recreation after a daily grind at the office. From a movie show to music and from cookery to sports there is every other program shown on TV that gives us the added energy we need to pick up in our lives by watching them and feeling good. The channels move on with the help of a remote control and people can now go over to places on the television itself by just the click of a button. Yet the live TV is challenged by the advent of the Internet TV.

The internet is a vast media and there the options of viewing are more than that of the TV. Although with the different models of the computers the video may vary in quality, yet there is good sound quality available and now the online TV concept is coming up fast. There is the facility of watching an internet TV everywhere and so the requirement of the actual live TV is going down everyday.

Everything on the TV is also there on the internet. You can not only watch live TV but you can also watch videos and recordings of your popular TV shows along with movies, the sports and also the fashion shows and the Oscars and the Grammys. But the question arises, everything on internet is not on TV, is it? For online news you can now view the news feeds from everywhere in the world and you get updates on sports sessions too. For a live TV the cost would be around $60 a month where as on the internet TV you have to pay for the speed of 3 MBps. On the cable TV you have lesser amount of choices as the number of packages is usually in the form of a bundle offer. In case of the internet TV it is in the form of a la carte and you can choose the programs you want to view and then make the payments accordingly.

TVs are mainly driven by hardwares so that when HD TV is added you need to buy a DVD player and also a new TV whereas for a PC, it would generally be driven by softwares and this have to e handled only through the download of a software. In both cases, the TV and the internet TV can be regulated through remote control system and is couch-friendly.

With the online TV, the episodes would come on air a day later and there are many downsides to an online TV. The online TV supplies us with extensive content, a lot of savings and also the choice to watch whatever we want. Therefore in course of time, the online TV is sure to win over the live TV in all respects.

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